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Thank you for visiting my humble gallery! I have been collecting cels since 1999, and though I am not as active anymore, I'm always on the lookout for that one big wishlist cel that may come along. :)

My focus is mainly in Fushigi Yuugi, the rest of my collection is mostly smaller amounts of various series. I tend to collect at least one nice cel of my favorite characters when it comes to the miscellany. Fushigi Yuugi is what drew me into collecting cels in the first place, and is my sole reason to continue doing so.

I am always open to comments and offers, you can contact me at fefnir@gmail.com. My custom gallery and sale page is listed at:


Thank you, and have a nice day!


News & Updates

3/12/2018Big update! A Christmas wish cel of Suboshi, and two BEAUTIFUL pans of my other two favorite boys, Tamahome and Tasuki!
12/26/2017Haw, ya'll thought I was gone for good probably. Not so much though! Just a small update, but with a BIG wishlist cel. Mega Man from the Mega Man 8 Playstation Game!
3/25/2010I have re-opened my cel gallery. :) New cels from Fushigi Yuugi, Get Backers, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Tenchi Muyo, Saiyuki and G Gundam.

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Fushigi Yuugi 7/30/2018
Fushigi Yuugi (Sketches) 3/23/2010
Miscellaneous 8/14/2018
Video Game 8/2/2018

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